Lolldeal Car Vacuum Review

Lolldeal Car Vacuum


This car vacuum is small in size but packs a powerful punch. I had too admit I thought this vacuum would not stand up to my filthy car. In short I was supringly wrong.

The Lolldeal Vacuum displayed a great deal of power in a tiny piece of machinery. We put it to the ultimate test and went to war on dirt. The Lolldeal amazed us and won the battle.


The long and the short of it is this handheld and lightweight. This vacuum comes in a small storage bag and will easily stay in your trunk unnoticed.



It worked so well around our kids baby car seats. We love this little wonder and is just perfect for the price. It definitely has an advantage over some of the cordless options.

Because of this its suction is a lot powerful. The duster tool is a big plus and can easily get in those hard to reach areas in your car. It’s one of the best heap filters and the replacement filters are readily available online.



Lolldeal Car Vacuum Features:

  • Powerful and Portable
  • Strong Suction – 12-volt 75W 3200PA suction
  • Low noise design
  • Long Cord – 14.8 feet
  • 12-volt 75W 3200PA suction
  • Compact Design
  • Pivoting nozzle
  • Comes in Black Color